Micro 100 Micro-Quik™

Designed in our worldclass grinding facility in Meridian, Idaho, Micro 100’s Micro-Quik™ product line is a breakthrough system that saves machinists countless hours without sacrificing performance. In fact, our quick change tooling system allows for incredibly fast tool changes, resulting in greater time savings over traditional methods.

Our quick change tooling is held to the same rigorous standards as all Micro 100 tooling, but features a unique, angled shank end that aligns with its quick change tool holder and results in better centerline repeatability and improved machining accuracy.

Micro-Quik™ Advantages:


Increased up-time of machines


Less down time
from machine crashes


Fewer tool change errors


Increased operator confidence
in tool change


Easier initial setups


Tool changes in less
than 30 seconds


The Holder

With Micro 100’s Micro-Quik™ tool holding system, tool changes are achieved in 30 seconds through 3 simple steps, improving on a process that can take more than 5 minutes. Quick change tool holders have a locating / locking set screw, which holds a tool secure during machining. To remove the tool, loosen the set screw, remove the used tool, and insert its replacement. Once the set screw is retightened, your tool change is complete!

The Tools

During tool changes, the precision ground bevel on the rear of the tool aligns with a locating pin. The distance from this locational point to the tip of the tool is highly controlled, meaning that our Micro-Quik™ tooling system ensures a very high degree of tool length and centerline repeatability.