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Internal Diameter (ID) - Standard

Micro 100's offering of Internal Diameter (ID) for turning includes Boring Tools, Grooving Tools, Threading Tools, and even Tool Holders. Each product is fully stocked and ready to ship same day, meaning that your tools arrive to you as early as tomorrow morning.

Boring Tools

Ask any machinist what comes to mind when Micro 100 is mentioned and they'll likely tell you Boring Bars. This Micro 100 staple has been perfected over the company's 50-plus year history, leading to its international popularity and reputation as the industry's best.

Grooving Tools

Tools for grooving operations that feature a polished split face for improved edge retention and chip evacuation while reducing galling.

Threading Tools

Micro 100 standard shank threading tools are offered ground from solid carbide, or with a tip brazed on a steel shank. From left hand tools to right hand tooling options designed to thread multiple pitches, Micro 100's stocked offering is comprehensive.

Profiling Tools

Ground from solid carbide, Micro 100's Profiling Tools are offered uncoated or with AlTiN coating for added lubricity and increased wear resistance in difficult to machine materials.