New Products

New 2020 Product Catalog

We’re proud to announce Micro 100’s new Spring 2020 Catalog! This edition features several new product tables, including tooling for Face Grooving, Radial Profiling, and Undercutting. We have also expanded our most popular tooling lines designed for our Micro-Quik™ Quick Change system and have added extensively to our already vast selection of world-renowned Boring Tools.

New Tooling Options for 2020

Quick Change – Grooving Tools – Undercutting – Full Radius


A new edition to Micro 100’s repertoire of Micro-Quik™ enabled tooling, this new Grooving Tool is designed for plunging full radius undercut grooves and profiling.

Quick Change Undercutting

Quick Change – Grooving Tools – Face Grooving – Full Radius


Optimized for generating full radius grooves in the face of a part, this new solid carbide product line of Grooving Tools features a coolant fed enabled shank design.

Face Grooving Full Radius

Standard – Boring Tools – Top Rake Chipbreaker


The top rake design of this corner radius Boring Tool with Chipbreaker geometry provides freer cutting, while its polished face reduces galling..

Boring Bar Top Rake Chipbreaker

Standard – Profiling Tools – Radial Profiling


This Profiling Tool, while designed for radial profiling, is an excellent choice for fine finishing and can even be used in thread relief applications.

radial profiling tools

Standard – Grooving Tools – Face Grooving – Full Radius


Designed for generating full radius grooves in the face of a part, this new Grooving Tool features a polished split face for improved edge retention and chip evacuation while reducing galling.

Face Grooving Tools