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Tool Holders & Systems

Micro 100's Tool Holders & Systems category of products includes Standard Tool Holders and Parts, Quick Change Tool Holders and Parts, Rotational Holders and Parts, and Collets. All Micro 100 products are fully stocked and ship day of purchase.

Quick Change Holders & Parts

Micro 100's Micro-Quik is a proprietary system that saves machinists countless hours by allowing for tool changes in under 30 seconds. In this offering, find several unique styles of Quick Change Holders and the parts that accompany them.

Standard Holders & Parts

Micro 100 Tool Holders are designed for use with standard shank tools in lathe applications, each precision manufactured in the USA and ready to ship the day of its purchase.

Rotational Holders & Parts

Featuring Micro 100's Solid ER Tapered Integrated Holders, this offering of holders eliminates the need for multiple spindle adapters, is designed for Swiss and multi-function lathes, and works with any ER holder or ER spindle in both live and static applications.


Micro 100's fully stocked offering of Collets include ER Collets, Metric ID ER Collets, and Collet Sets, which are available in counts of 7, 9, 10, and 13 with both standard and Metric options.