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Quick Change System

Quick Change System

Minimize machining downtime with Micro 100's Micro-Quik quick change tooling system, a breakthrough technology that saves machinists countless hours without sacrificing performance

Miniature Turning Tools

Miniature Turning Tools

Like all Micro 100 products, our miniature turning tools are designed to excel at vastly increased speed and feed rates while providing exceptional results and extended tool life.

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Featured Products

Quick Change Miniature Boring Bars

Quick Change - Boring Tools Right Hand - Miniature

Designed for facing and boring applications in bores .015" and larger, these tools feature a polished split face for improved edge retention and chip evacuation while reducing galling.

Quick Change Threading Tools

Quick Change - Threading Tools

UN Threads

Designed for threading in bores .060" and larger, this tool is able to cut multiple thread pitches (ANSI, UN, & Metric 60°) with a single profile.

Standard Grooving Tools

Standard - Grooving Tools

Face Grooving

Generate grooves in the face of a part with these tools, which feature a sharp corner profile and lockdown flat which automatically locates tool on center.

Boring Tools Helical Back Rake

Standard - Boring Tools

Helical Back Rake

The helical grind on this helical back rake line of tooling provides ideal top rake for better chip control and freer cutting during boring applications. 

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