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"I picked up some sweet new carbide boring tools and holders made by @micro_100. Great quality on the carbide grinding too! Looking forward to using these in the lathe!"


Adam Booth



"We have made another successful part using the @micro_100 thread mill. This time it was on a needle nut for a WP suspension part."


Pete Payne



"Needed a left-handed 5/8-10 acme thread and we couldn't find a tap or threadmill for it, but we found a boring bar style acme thread from Micro 100!"


JC Manufacturing Inc.



Featured Customer: MedTorque


"When I thought of Micro 100 in the past I thought of boring bars. But after trying out their endmills, drills, and engraving tools on some recent projects, we now look forward to doing some more tool testing using Micro 100 in the future. I was especially impressed with the performance and their competitive pricing.


We are working with the Micro 100 AEs to help them optimize more tools for Swiss machines and looking into how we can help to get some of the modifications we are making into more standard products that others can take advantage of."


View the full article on our blog here.



"My belt sander wore down its brass bearings after 8-9 years of use, so I just made some more. Luckily I had this Micro 100 boring bar on deck and ready to make chips."


Caliber Creative Works



 "We are loving this 3/8 @micro_100 90 degree engraver in a @schunk_hq holder. Got some reaching to do on this part." 





"Picked up some @micro_100 quick change tools for running production on the Tormach Slant Pro lathe. Super excited to see what they can do!"


Adam Brunette



"This little part gave me a run for my money, but I got it dialed in as of last night. The quality of finish here is quite good. Thanks @micro_100 for your super sharp tools."


Schon Dsgn Pens



"I needed to make a custom transfer punch to find the lead screw on a horizontal milling machine I acquired. The Micro 100 tools worked out perfectly!"


Dave Rollins



"The @micro_100 quick change holders and boring bar at work. I really like the quick tool indexing without having to guess and make small adjustments to the tool angle."


Bruce Leonard


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