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Thread Milling Cutters - Multi - Form - UN Threads

Thread Milling Cutters
Thread Milling Cutters-Multi-Form-UN Threads

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Accomplish multiple thread depths in one operation with Micro 100's multi-form UN thread milling cutters, which feature a 100% thread form that creates superior threads than tapping operations.

  • Cuts internal and external 60° UN threads
  • Able to cut larger threads of the same pitch
  • 100% thread form creates superior threads vs. tapping
  • Mills right and left hand threads
  • Helical flutes
  • AlTiN coating option for added lubricity and increased wear resistance in difficult-to-machine materials
  • Solid carbide
  • CNC ground in the USA

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  D1 +.0005"/ -.0005" L2 +.0500"/ -.0000" # D2 (h6) L1 Tool # Price Tool # Price
* Length of cut measured to last full tooth.