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Quik Change Tooling

Increased Productivity. Less Machine Downtime. Same Unbeatable Precision.

Quik Change Tooling

Quick Change Tooling was developed by Micro 100 to allow our customers the same high-quality precision machining they receive from our standard tooling line, with the added benefit of increased productivity through less machine downtime. Our Quick Change Tooling is subjected to the same rigorous standards as all of our tools and processes.

Micro-Quik System Tools Change 86% faster than conventional competitor’s tools, saving significant and valuable setup and machine time!

Take an in-depth look at the Quick Change Tooling process to see how it can save you time and money.

Lock and Load

Micro 100's locating and locking system allows for incredible centerline repeatability from tool to tool.

Tool Change Out

Tool change out has been made simple. You can change tools in 30 seconds or less and reduce the machine setup and downtime.


Micro 100 has developed a vast array of holders to suit your needs.

See for yourself.

It is amazingly simple to change out a quick change tool and have your machine up and running again.

Watch the tools in action.

Using a stroboscopic effect Micro 100 has produced a video that allows you to see the tool in action, as if you're peering into the cutting piece itself.