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Micro 100 Tool has tools for all makes and models of machines!

So, if your shop is rocking 40's technology like this Davenport 1" (yea, I know they are still making millions of parts), but would love to move to 2017 technology…. You are in luck!!! Micro100 has tools for this, and all machines of all make, and models!!!  Increase your productivity while hearing your NEW profits fall to the bottom-line!!  All the while you are the new-found hero to your boss and company!!! Jump on our NEW WEBSITE at www.micro100.com.  Navigate through the many new exciting features.   The least of which are the various videos showing the very tools which will take you to hero status with your boss and company. Place these Micro 100 tools in your machines and watch them make magic for you!!! Go to our rep and distributor locator to find the name and number for your nearest Micro 100 support man or call us at 1-800-421-8065. We will assist you with great customer service!!!

Posted by ndug at 5/26/2017 5:53:00 PM
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