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Held at The Palm Restaurant in downtown Denver, this year’s event had 52 total attending with great ambiance, fantastic food for the guests, and many recognition awards for KEY Micro 100 distributors. 

Randy Nedrow, Micro 100’s V.P.-Sales & Marketing was the host of the event, and while everyone was entertained and seemingly enjoyed themselves during the event which ran from 6:15 to 10:30 pm, one of the “magnets” whom drew both personal attention (given his officer and a gentleman uniform) and great attention to his lavish and informative presentation, was Colonel Martin E. B. France of the United States Air Force.

Colonel France is a childhood friend of Mr. Nedrow, growing up just five houses down the street.


Upon leaving high school in Phoenix, AZ, Marty attained high academic and athletic recognitions, including all-state football as a free safety.  Colonel France attended the US Air Force Academy where he received his BS degree in Astronautical Engineering. After graduation and a couple years teaching back at the USAFA, he attended Stanford while on active duty where he attained his Master Degree in Astronautical Engineering. After Mastering the French language, Colonel France moved to France where he assisted the French Government with their space program and technology. Next a tour at the Pentagon where he was the senior officer in our Nations Space Program.


Colonel France attended Virginia Tech University where he completed his Ph.D. in Astronautical Engineering.  Returning to the Pentagon he went to work with General Richard Meyers, our Joints Chief of Staff, as Colonel France headed up our Nations space program and global satellite strategic initiatives. Finally, Colonel France took his dream job where he remains today, as the Permanent and Head Professor of Space Engineering Sciences at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Co.


Colonel France received an overwhelming standing ovation from the Micro 100 dinner guests both upon introduction and the completion of his serious, technical, yet light with levity presentation. It was an overview of satellites, our universe, and a wonderful overview of life as a cadet at the USAF!! A proud and firm salute to Colonel France from us all!!  

Posted by ndug at 5/26/2017 3:42:00 PM
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