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Micro 100 recognized several of their distributors for varying achievements of goals set and surpassed in 2016.

General Industrial Supply of Los Angeles: “High Visibility Award”

Always leading in educational programs and very active on industry boards, therein keeping the Micro 100 brand just as visible alongside their body of work.


 Johnston Industrial Supply of Northern, CA: “Longevity AWARD for the Western Region”

In recognition of their long tenure with Micro 100.


Stellar Industrial Supply of Tacoma, WA and their attendee’s John Wiborg-President and CEO along with Steve Slater-EVP & COO: “Strategic Trading Partner-Integrated Channel Award”


Tool-Krib in Tennessee: “Medical Trading Partner of the year award”

For continued forward progress serving the Medical community of Memphis with the BEST CHOICE SOLUTION, Micro 100 SUPER CARBIDE.


Tool Crib Supply of NJ: “Northeast Distributor of the *Year”


Salem Tool of Salem, VA and its two principals the Father and son duo of William Powell SR and Jr., proudly accepted the coveted “Integrator of the Year”

For dynamic work, high energy and the utmost of cooperation on their KEY ACCOUNT program with Micro 100’s superstar and Key Account Manager Scott Hegedus. Mr. Hegedus was proud to say, “The award you witnessed the Powell’s accept for Salem Tool was not given as you witnessed, it was EARNED by the Powell’s and each employee at Salem Tool and continues to be EARNED daily by these same GREAT people who support our GREAT MICRO 100 products!!”


Travers Tool: “Greatest Strides Award”

Given for breaking new sales ground with NEW products and niche oriented work as Mr. Nedrow of Micro 100 praised Alan Cohen-Sr Product Manager of Travers, for his on-going crafty maneuvering and managing of the Micro 100 brand positioning in and beyond their catalog!


Grainger: Wrinkle Free”

A unique and high respected award, this being the award…as Mr. Nedrow explained its VERY unusual “here we have a $10+ Billion company such as Grainger, has such premiere execution at ground level at their headquarters, noting that “Grainger’s speed and accuracy combined with their sense of flair of doing business with us, makes this mega-giant a virtual problem free well-oiled machine and a pleasure to work with.”


Production Tool Supply: “Trading Partner of the Year”

For vast multi-facility growth and continued dynamic performance both in and out of the sales arena!!


Along with the few noted above, there were six distributors who earned Micro 100’s HIGHLY COVETED and HIGHEST RECOGNITION, “Top Gun” Status, in which Micro 100 awards its highest-ranking award recipient with an authentic Top Gun Leather Jacket, inclusive with the official Top Gun patch, and proudly displaying the various Micro 100, Micro-QUIK, Speedy Sharp logo’s and applicable company website addresses. Top Gun Status went to the Powell’s of SALEM TOOL, Mr. Wiborg and Mr. Slater of Stellar Industrial, Keeny Bacci the Assistant purchasing manager at PTS, who’s destined for great things (as you’ll read further along LOL), was anointed Top Gun status as well along with Colonel Martin EB France for honoring the event by being the guest speaker.


At the end of the night there was a blind drawing of tickets, it was designed for Micro 100 distribution only. Mr. Nedrow randomly selected someone from the crowd While the tickets were shaken and mixed and the winner is?...wound up being Kenny Bacci the assistant purchasing manager at PTS!!! The winner, Mr. Bacci, received vouchers from Mr. Nedrow for (2) round-trip plane tickets in the U.S. and a five-night stay at a Hilton or Hilton owned property during his stay. Mr. Nedrow followed by saying “Mr. Bacci is doing me a favor in that with all my travels over the years you really think I want to fly somewhere and stay a week in a hotel on my free time?” …LOL..good point touché! Suffice to say, the Micro 100 dinner event entitled “An Evening Out with Micro 100” took off like an F-16!!!

Posted by ndug at 5/26/2017 3:26:00 PM
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