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Our History

We've been in the carbide production business for over 50 years, read our story to see how we got to where we are now.


Jack Newberry, Master Machinist by trade, invents and develops the unique, exclusive in-house super carbide process. He forms his business in Los Angeles, California. He calls his new company Micro 100.

Breakthroughs in tool development for machining in all types of steels, hard and soft, plus exotic aerospace materials.

Targeted introduction to select distributors in California.

1970 - 1990

Micro 100 becomes a trademark with the now internationally recognized company logo.

Demand exceeds the capacity of the Los Angeles production facility. In order to meet the demand and to take advantage of lower manufacturing costs, the plant relocates to Meridian (near Boise), Idaho. The sales office and warehouse remain in Los Angeles, California, serving its nationwide tool dealer network which includes many of the top 100 U.S. tool distributors.

1990 - 2010

Micro 100 goes international with immediate success in Asia and Canada.

Again, increased demand leads to a substantial plant expansion into a modern facility with over 50,000 square foot; manufacturing capacity housing the latest and state of the art tool making equipment and a staff of over 100 employees, committed to excellence in quality and performance.

Market penetration greatly increased with the appointment of strategically located sales representatives and worldwide distribution.

Micro 100 consolidates the warehouse and sales organization into its headquarters in Meridian, Idaho.

2010 & Beyond

Micro 100 introduces its new design of Quick Change tooling system, including tool holders, called Micro-Quik. The system's unique three point locking system gives maximum rigidity and centerline repeatability within .0005.

Micro 100 expands its electronic capabilities for inventory stock checks and order tracking with the introduction of its new website.